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Michele Yamazaki: Was NAB 2017 a Bust?

Michele Yamazaki from Toolfarm was a guest on Larry Jordan’s Digital Production Buzz last week. Larry Jordan also talks with Ned Soltz,  Michael Kammes, Gary Watson, Philip Hodgetts and James DeRuvo. Listen now!

The discussion was about NAB 2017 and if there was anything new and innovative. What we discuss may surprise you, unless you were there! 

  • Ned Soltz: Trends from NAB 2017
  • Philip Hodgetts: Highlights from NAB 2017
  • Michele Yamazaki: Was NAB 2017 a Bust?
  • Michael Kammes: Highlights of 2017 NAB
  • Customized Storage, Designed for Media
  • The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

Listen to the full episode     Listen to Michele's Interview

News: Michele Yamazaki on Digital Production BuZZ

Digital Production BuZZ is hosted by Larry Jordan and is a weekly podcast covering digital production, post-production, and distribution worldwide. Michele Yamazaki, co-author of Green Screen Made Easy, talked to Larry Jordan of Digital Production Buzz last Thursday, about the new GenArts Sapphire units, plus new plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X that use the Noise Industries FxFactory engine, including idustrial revolution Viral Video, Stupid Raisins Flow Pop, Ripple TitleMations 2.0, Cineflare Title Flair, and Zoetrope FOLD.

Michele’s interview

Other guests on the show included Zach Lipovsky, Director, Reel Apps Inc; Linda Tadic, Founder/CEO, Digital Bedrock; Robert Cohen, President & CEO, Future Video Products, Inc.; Damian Allen, VFX Supervisor, Pixerati LLC; and James DeRuvo, Film and Technology Reporter, DoddleNEWS.

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Digital Production BuZZ will be broadcasting live from NAB 2017 too. Check out NAB 2017: The Official Toolfarm Guide for more info on the show, which happens at the end of this month.