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Michele Yamazaki Terpstra on Digital Production BuZZ

I’m not talking about green screen on the show, but I’m talking about something near and dear to my heart… video plug-ins! I wrote a book a few years ago for Focal Press called Plug-in to After Effects.

Larry Jordan talked to Aharon Rabinowitz, head of Marketing at Red Giant; Travis White, Head of Products at NewBlueFX; Me….. Michele Terpstra, Pluginologist at Toolfarm.com; Michael Kammes, Director of Technology at Key Code Media; and others on this week’s show.

Listen to this week’s entire show here

Or, listen to just my interview here or listen to the MP3 here.

The podcast is titled “Obscure, But Highly Useful, Plug-ins”, but they’re not really obscure plug-ins, but they are unique plug-ins…. unique in that there are no other plug-ins that do what they do, and what they do, they do so well. Michele talks about Rowbyte Plexus, Trapcode Tao, Mettle Skybox, RE:Vision Effects ReelSmart Motion Blur and Motion Boutique Newton. The interview was a lot of fun and it’s always an honor to be a guest on Larry’s show, so thank you to Larry, Debbie, and everyone in the background at Digital Production Buzz.