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Green Screen Tips: Preparing Footage | Rolling Tape

Michele Yamazaki Terpstra, the co-author of Green Screen Made Easy, was on Rolling Tape last week and recorded a segment about the pre-process steps when keying green screen footage.

Michele explains the six pre-process steps you should consider before keying your footage, including removing noise and garbage matting.


Green Screen Made Easy is now available at Amazon.com and MWP.com.


In Depth: Fast and Easy Garbage Mattes in After Effects

I did a video over at Toolfarm that explained a simple technique to create super quick garbage mattes in After Effects.

Continuing with the series on keying, I decided to make this segment a video segment. All you need is After Effects for this one. Older version such as AE CS6 or even AE CS3 will work just fine.

Before you watch the video, here are a couple notes… in other words, stuff I forgot to mention in the video!

  1. You will still need to use a mask to remove equipment, the edges of your greenscreen or other stuff from your shot.
  2. This technique should work on most greenscreen footage but if it’s really poorly lit or shot greenscreen, best of luck to you. There are no guarantees!

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This video was captured with Telestream ScreenFlow.

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